Are you really the NUMBER ONE thing to do in Blue Ridge, GA?

Absolutely and without a doubt!


Location, Hours & Weather

Where exactly are you located?

Our property at 10408 Appalachian Highway Morganton, GA 30560 is located in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of North Georgia just 6 miles outside of downtown Blue Ridge, GA.

For more information on what Blue Ridge has to offer please click here:

When are you open for business?

From April through December, we are generally open weekly on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Monday by reservation only. Other days sometimes available by special request.

From January through March, we are generally open Saturdays only weather depending (i.e. closed if very cold or snow). Other days sometimes available by special request.

Please see the homepage for our various adventures and schedule with our online calendar by clicking the orange "reservations" button - the online calendar has the most up to date operating days and time availability.

How does the weather affect my reservation?

From April through mid-December, we operate rain or shine.

From mid-December through March, your reservation is weather dependent. We still operate rain or shine, but if if is very cold or snowing we do not run the equipment. We will reserve your requested adventure date & time, and then will reconfirm the week of once the upcoming driving day temperature is known. During these months, we do not take payment until good weather is confirmed.


Reservations & Payment

Do I really need a reservation?

In general, Tank Town runs at full capacity every weekend with most weekend days (especially Saturdays) filling 2-3 weeks in advance.

We highly recommend a reservation which can be made from the homepage by clicking the orange "reservations" button in the adventure section you are reserving.

If it's last minute and the online calendar shows "no availability" give us a call or text 706.633.6072 or email If we can fit you into the schedule we certainly will! If it is a same day request, text is best!

How does the online reservation process work?

For Tank Driving, Car Crushing & Excavator:

  • Scroll to Adventure Section desired on homepage
  • Click orange "Hours and Reservations Here" tab
  • Follow prompts from online booking system to reserve date/time and pay

For Machine Gun Shooting or Group/Corporate Events:

  • Scroll on homepage to the Machine Gun Shooting section or Group Option section desired
  • Click orange "Make a Reservation" tab and fill out form
  • We will get back to you within three (3) business days with the availability for your desired date and time. If it is available, we will reserve your adventure. If not, we will work with you to find other alternatives that will work with your schedule
  • Once your reservation is accepted, we require non-refundable payment in full on Tank + Machine Gun adventures, and a non-refundable deposit on group parties or corporate events.

How do I pay for my adventure or party/corporate event?

Once your reservation date and time is confirmed, we will forward an invoice to the e-mail you provided which can be paid via PayPal or any major credit card.

Can I pay with cash?

We will only accept cash in the event that your adventure is reserved on the SAME day that you will arrive at Tank Town USA.

Can I pay with a personal or business check?

We are always happy to accept personal or business checks as long as the check is received at our mailing address least one week before your scheduled adventure or party/corporate event.

Why do you require payment in full when I make my reservation?

Paying for your adventure when you make your reservation ensures that your spot will be reserved just for you. As a small business, we strive to make your experience exciting and memorable. Since we have a limited customer capacity each business day we do not want to turn away customers if we do not have to do so. By paying in full when you make your reservation, we feel confident that you will arrive at your scheduled time, and we can operate our business with maximum customer capacity.

What if I have fully paid for a reservation and my plans change?

We understand that sometimes plans unexpectedly change.

If you contact Tank Town USA at least 48 hours in advance of your reservation we can accommodate your request. We will be happy to reschedule your adventure for another date and time if and when available. If your future plans are unknown at the time of your cancellation, we will issue a voucher for the full dollar amount of your adventure that will expire 6 calendar months from the date of your original reservation.

Please Note: There will be absolutely no rescheduling or vouchers issued if you cancel your reservation under 48 hours ahead of your scheduled date and time.


Vehicle Operation

Do the tanks, trucks and equipment seen on the website actually run?

Yes, all the vehicles you see at Tank Town USA are fully operational.

Is it hard to drive a tank?

If you can drive a car then you can drive a tank! All of our tanks come originally equipped from the military with automatic transmissions, and the steering controls are simple and easy to operate. Aside from the fact that they are made of thick steel armored plating, have tracks instead of wheels and weigh over 33,000 pounds it's just like driving a car!

Is it hard to drive the construction equipment?

While it takes a little bit longer to learn the controls of the excavator and bulldozer, our professional instructors will have you digging and pushing around dirt in no time.

How much instruction does it take before I am ready to drive a tank, bulldozer or excavator?

That depends on your comfort level in the vehicle. Our instructors will always make sure you understand all of the controls and safety instructions before beginning operation. Usually this takes just a few minutes of familiarization, but we always strive to make sure you are comfortable and confident before starting your adventure.


Safety & Legal

Is it safe to drive a tank or construction equipment?

Absolutely! All of the vehicles receive routine inspections, maintenance, and repair.

All of our driving instructors are fully trained and highly experienced operators of the tracked, wheeled or construction vehicles you will be driving. They will be with you through every step of your adventure.

Do I need a valid drivers license to operate a tank, bulldozer or excavator?

Due to our insurance requirements, you must have a valid government issued drivers license (or learner's license) to operate any of the machinery at Tank Town USA.

Is this really legal?

Tank Town USA is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) which is fully licensed and insured to operate this outdoor adventure company as a tourist attraction in Fannin County, GA.


Required Clothing

What should I wear?

When entering and exiting the vehicles you will have to maneuver yourself into the driver's compartment so dress for comfort and ease of movement. Since this is an outdoor adventure, conditions at Tank Town USA can range from dusty to muddy depending on the weather so wear clothes you don't mind getting a bit dirty.


  • Men/Women: Pants, Jeans or Shorts/Long or Short sleeve shirts.
  • Women: No dresses or skirts.


  • Men/Women: Flat soled athletic shoes or construction style work boots.


Parties & Corporate

Can I host a party?

We can host your all of your outdoor adventure parties to include:

  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Party
  • Corporate Event

Please contact us for information concerning your particular party needs.